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How To Make Espresso in a Machine

Making espresso at home can be easy if you have a good-quality espresso machine. It's not that complicated either.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

1.   Put 1 tablespoon of ground coffee into the portafilter (the cupped handle).

2.   Tamp down the grounds lightly.

3.   Insert the portafilter under the group (where the steam comes out). It usually locks in with a twist.

4.   Place your glass or cup underneath.

5.   Flip the brew switch.

6.   Let it pull for approximately 20 seconds. You'll need to experiment a bit to get the timing right for your own tastes.

7.   Enjoy


  1. Shots pulled too quickly may lack flavour, and shots pulled longer may be bitter. Perfect timing takes some practice.
  2. The instructions are basically the same whether you have a pump machine or a steam machine.

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