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All the Ways to Pick a Teapot

Finding a teapot can be as simple, and as hard, as simply looking on line. Simple because a simple search with your favorite search engine will bring up hundreds, if not thousands, of websites through which to search for the teapot of your choice. Hard because there are just so many different choices to make. It's not just the very many kinds of pots available for your choice but all the items that you can choose to add to your pot to make tea making easier.

You can have different types of strainers to remove the tea leaves, or infusers that will hold the loose tea in the pot while it steeps. There are timers to let you know when the tea is ready. There are thermometers to be sure the water is the right temperature for the tea you are brewing and so on. But even with just the teapots themselves, you will find an almost endless variety of ways to choose a pot.

You can start with the what the pots are made from such as glass or metal. There are clay teapots made from whatever clay is local to the pot maker such as the Yxīng teapots of China. You also have beautiful glazed and painted porcelain pots. The material you choose may depend on the tea you drink. Next after materials, is the shape of the tea pot. You can find a tea pot in just about any shape such as one with six sides or made to look like a rabbit.

There are the interesting looking Russian samovars. There are tall pots and squat pots. Beyond materials and shapes of tea pots, you can have your choice of just about any color you wish. Reds, greens, blues and yellows abound.

Many beautiful teapots come in blue and white or red and white. Many are glazed with whatever colors are popular at the time they are created. It would be like looking through history when looking at the colors of some pots. Even the precious metals will be around in the golden or silver trim on some teapots. And if you want to find yourself a pot from a certain region in the world, you just might be able to locate one.

There are pots from Great Britain and Europe. There are teapots from Japan and from China. Thousands are made in the US every year as well. It's just one more thing to consider when thinking about buying a teapot. Not only has geography left its mark upon the humble, or not-so-humble, teapot.

Each era throughout time has left its trace as well. Indeed some believe that the first teapots in Europe were not from China but instead were influenced by the Moorish coffee pots. There were the oval shaped ones of the late 1700s and the drum shapes just before the Napoleonic Wars.

Even modernism of the last century impacted the shape of teapots. Whatever your taste, there is a teapot for you. Lastly, not only will your aesthetic senses decide the teapot for you, but the tea you like to drink will as well. There are so many different factors in choosing a teapot. Sometimes it's simply a matter of saying, "I like that one.".

To search for your own special teapot, browse our resources at http://tea-sippers.info. Read additional articles and the most recent news about tea and all its varieties and wares.


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