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Meringue Made Simple

Using meringue to top a fruit pie is an easy and elegant way to serve these delicious pies. Lemon meringue is the most popular meringue type pie but you can try orange or lemon cream as a new twist. Meringue can be a bit fickle if you are trying it for the first time.

Here are five easy to follow steps that will help you make perfect meringue. * Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Using a clean dry bowl to catch the egg whites crack the eggs on the counter and begin transferring the egg yolk from one side of the egg shell to the other. This process does two things. By cracking the eggs on the counter you prevent any egg shell from falling into the egg whites.

Second when you transfer the egg yolk back and forth from shell to shell the egg white separates out into the clean bowl. Be very careful not to allow even the smallest amount of egg yolk to enter into the egg whites. The yolk is where the fat is contained and fat will ruin meringue. * Beat the egg whites on low to form soft white peaks. Be sure not to beat the egg whites too quickly in the beginning or they will run and flatten out. * Mix in the dry ingredients.

Salt, sugar, cornstarch and cream of tartar. Slowly add a teaspoon at a time, the dry ingredients. Just in case you have ever wondered cream of tartar prevents air bubbles from forming that would cause the meringue to loose volume. * Beat on high speed until stiff peaks form.

At this stage you can add in vanilla for improved flavor. * When you are finished you should have stiff and glossy egg whites ready to top your favorite fruit pie. Ingredients list: 6 Eggs tsp Salt 1 tsp Cornstarch tsp Cream of Tartar Vanilla to taste .

By: Shauna Hanus


Meringue Made Simple - Using meringue to top a fruit pie is an easy and elegant way to serve these delicious pies.

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