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Caribbean Recipes

To truly know where Caribbean recipes actually derived from, you must know that Caribbean food is a mix, from a variety of heritages. Spain, France, Africa, America, and India all have roles in Caribbean food. Caribbean recipes are widely known for their exquisite tastes and people enjoy making the food. Although people will always have their own "favorite" dish, one of the most popular Caribbean recipes is that of "jerk" seasoned meats. For anyone that is not familiar with that term, it is chicken. It is said to have had a very distinct, spicy flavor to it.

People also say that it resembles Louisiana Creole food, but there are differences between them. Though most of the foods and ingredients used throughout Caribbean recipes seem exotic, they really are not. Caribbean cuisine is supposed to be considered a very "humble" type of food. That means that it is not supposed to be anything fancy, just a delicious mixture of fresh foods and products with a touch of spice. One of the biggest ingredients in Caribbean recipes and cuisines is that most of them contain tropical fruits.

There really are not a lot of Caribbean foods that are made without adding some type of lush tropical fruits to the mix. If you know anything about the Caribbean, then you know that the islands are covered and very abundant of different fruits and vegetables. In the islands, there are hardly any meals that are eaten with containing some of these fruits.

A couple examples are that mangos are made into desert mousses and pies; and pineapples are used as sauces for different types of meat dishes including poultry and pork meals. A lot of countries are well known for their branded cuisines and the Caribbean cuisine is no different. The food is highly regarded and loved among millions of people. Over the last 5 to 7 years that really has been a dramatic increase in the learning and knowledge gathering of Caribbean recipes.

One of my thoughts is that though they are delicious, a lot of people like to whip up some of this fine cuisine because it is an experience and it is fun to do. Caribbean restaurant owners do rather well in the United States given the fact that the amount of Caribbean restaurants is not that common. This gives them good business because people are usually busy and it is just convenient for them, or that they just like the idea of a professional handling this highly regarded type of food.

Ralph Ruckman is the author of: Caribbean Recipes a weblog providing information on Caribbean Cuisine. Feel free to visit the vlog for more information.


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