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Chocolate the Energy Food

Chocolate lovers every where have been viewing the studies showing dark chocolate as having certain health benefits with excitement. These studies have also pushed some dietitians to believe that chocolate contributes to a healthy diet. It is unfortunate that the evidence in both preliminary and contradictory. Chocolate is an energy dense food, and responsible health care providers should use caution when making recommendations about including it in a healthy diet.

http://centraltrafficdispatch.com/seo/ Chocolate has been linked to cardiovascular disease because of the high concentration of fat, most of which is saturated. However, the saturated fat in chocolate is stearic acid, which does not seem to cause cholesterol levels to rise after it is eaten.

Increased risk of heart disease has been associated with higher levels of stearic acid in some population studies. Mainly because foods that are high in stearic acid also have high levels of other saturated fats, these do cause elevation of cholesterol levels. http://centraltrafficdispatch.com/seo/ While some studies have found that eating dark chocolate is not harmful to serum cholesterol levels, reports that dark chocolate is able to improve cholesterol concentrations are mixed.

No matter what the effect of cocoa products on cholesterol concentrations, they have been shown to decrease the likelihood of LDL cholesterol oxidizing in tests. Another cardio-protective action of cocoa products is the ability to thin the blood by decreasing platelet activation. These studies have shown a decrease in platelet activity after being given cocoa beverages, cocoa flavonol supplements or dark chocolate. http://centraltrafficdispatch.com/seo/ During studies of the Khuna Indians in Panama it has been observed that low blood pressure is lower among this tribe who are heavy cocoa users.

Several clinical studies have supported this theory that cocoa may have favorable effects on blood pressure and flow. Other studies have shown that it would take at a minimum of 100 grams of flavonol rich dark chocolate to decrease blood pressure by an observable amount. Thank you, http://centraltrafficdispatch.com/seo/.

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