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Cooking with Chocolate

Cooking with chocolate is one of the pleasures of being a cook, the look of pleasure on a friend or family members face as they enjoy the pleasure of melting chocolate on their tongue. (As chocolate melts in your mouth the flavor and texture change, this is one of the reasons it is considered to be such a delectable food.) http://christophershawnlee.com/index.htm When preparing a pan for chocolate, use bread crumbs instead of flour; they are coarser and keep the chocolate from sticking. You can make your own bread crumbs by using plain white bread, remove the crusts and place the sliced bread in a single layer on cookie sheets in a 225 degree oven until the bread is dry and crisp, break into pieces then grind in a food processor or use a rolling pin until they are fine, but not as fine as powder.

If you purchase bread crumbs make sure that they are not flavored or seasoned, and when you get them home, use the food processor to grind them as you would for homemade bread crumbs. http://christophershawnlee.com/index.htm When using a tube pan lift the crumbs with your fingers and sprinkle onto the oil you used and around the tube. Some cookie recipes call for aluminum foil on the pan, this not only keeps the cookies from sticking, but cleaning up the pans is much easier. The best cookie sheets to use have only one raised side, this allows you to slide the aluminum foil baked cookies off the pan easily.

Another advantage to this type of pan is being able to set your cookies up on aluminum foil in advance and simply slide the pan under the next batch when you are ready to bake them. Reusing the foil is simple by just wiping it down with a paper towel after it has been used. http://christophershawnlee.com/index.htm Baking with chocolate is a great deal of fun and there is nothing as wonderful as a homemade chocolate desert for a gift to friends and relatives. Thank you, http://christophershawnlee.


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