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PuErh Tea Looking Good Feeling Good Tea

Pu-Erh Tea originates from the Yunnan province of southwest China and has been drunk there for it's medicinal and health benefits for literally thousands of years. Its historic significance is highlighted by the fact that bricks of Pu-Erh tea were once used as "currency" between the wild nomadic tribes north of the Great Wall of China.Modern day drinkers of Pu-Erh tea tend to be a touch more civilised, the Pu-Erh market outside south east Asia is made up of Tea connoisseurs and those searching for the health benefits the Chinese have historically associated with the tea.Pu-Erh tea has a sweet earthy taste, which is said to be very acquired, and something that should be sampled before being purchased en-masse.

Most suppliers are willing to supply sampler packs for these types of teas.The earthy taste is derived from a process of "re-fermenting" where the leaves are left damp for a period to allow additional oxidisation to occur and create a thin layer of mould on the leaves. The Tea has a mellow sweet after taste.The Chinese have always claimed that Pu-Erh Tea can aid the following ailments:.

  • Digestion problems
  • Dispel the effects of alcohol
  • Reducing cholesterol
  • Aid weight loss
  • Increase the metabolism.

    Pu-Erh Tea comes in variety of "solid" forms where the Tea is steamed and moulded into "cakes" or "bricks" as well as loose and teabag forms.Yunnan Pu-erh tea is a naturally refreshing drink and taken on its own it has no calories, so it's the perfect drink to keep you looking good and feeling fit. Four cups of tea a day can provide you with significant amounts of the following nutrients: approximately 17% of the recommended intake for calcium, 5% for zinc, 22% for Vitamin B2, 5% for folic acid, and Vitamins B1 and B6.A cup of Yunnan tea is also a good source of manganese, which is essential for general physical development, and potassium which helps to maintain your body's fluid balance.


    Uma Mays is married with two young children and lives in England. She has over 15 years experience in IT Project Management working for mainly Telecommunications companies. Since becoming a mother and wanting to work from home, she has developed an online Tea business retailing Speciality Teas.

    Teaworld has been operational just over two months is growing steadily.

    By: Uma Mays


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