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Why be Choosy About Your Coffee Maker

Learning About the Different Coffee Maker Types There are literally thousands of different coffee maker types that you can choose from, so it is really no wonder as to why making a decision on a coffee maker can be so intimidating. By understanding these different coffee maker types better you will be more educated on what is available and be able to better decide coffee maker is going to be best for you. Automatic Drip One of the most popular coffee maker types is the automatic drip. One of the most favored features of the automatic drip coffee makers is their simplicity of use. They are by far the easiest of all coffee maker types to use, and they are also very cost-effective. For these types of coffee makers the coffee grounds and first measured into a filter which is then placed into the filter holder of the coffee maker.

You then simply pour the recommended amount of water into the reservoir and turn the machine on to brew. It is best to brew a full pot but you can just make enough for a cup or two if you prefer. The automatic drip coffee machines produce a clear and very light bodied coffee, and of course as with any other coffee you should serve it immediately after brewing. The manual and automatic drip brewers are comparable in cup quality, and features of automatic drip coffee makers include the ability to heat and maintain a hot water temperature, spray heads for even dispersion of water over coffee grounds, and the use of filter holders which are designed for high extraction.

Percolator Of all the coffee maker types, the percolator is considered to be the ugly duckling. This is because it does not respect the ground rules for brewing coffee. Instead, the coffee is boiled in a percolator, and the water is passed several times through the grounds. Although this is certainly not the standard way in which coffee is brewed, and the coffee can often come out tasting flavorless and bitter, when brewed properly it can be quite delicious.

Remember that the method of brewing that you choose is entirely up to you, but it will greatly change the flavor of coffee that you buy. This is why it is important that you learn about the different coffee maker types and that you make the most intelligent decision and choose the right coffee maker for you and your taste preferences.

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