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Why Eat Chocolate for Dessert

So many people are health-conscious, so many people are obese, so many people eat terrible food - greasy, fatty, over-processed, and so many people don't get enough exercise. Why even think about eating chocolate for dessert? Because there's nothing like the "mouth-feel" of chocolate; because it's the additives, not the chocolate itself, that are fattening or that can cause allergic reactions; and because, after a long hard day of "being good", eating something that "feels" decadent can be very very satisfying. How wonderful then if what feels decadent is actually good for you! We're talking dark chocolate here, at least 70% cocoa. This delectable treat contains theobromine - a known mood elevator; and antioxidant flavonoids - boost good HDL cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. Mmm chocolate - maybe a chocolate fountain is the real Fountain of Youth? Scientists have found that eating dark chocolate appears to improve circulation and make blood vessels more flexible, helping to prevent hardening of the arteries. The Kuna Indians of the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama drink multiple cups of cocoa every day and have little incidence of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Cocoa is also rich in a number of essential minerals, including magnesium, copper, potassium and manganese. Indeed, chocolate is thought to be one of the largest single contributors of copper to the diet in the United States. For all-round health, eat like the French do. I don't mean eat French foods necessarily, although that can be nice, but eat AS the French do; make a meal an event in itself. Turn off the tv and computer, don't even read while you eat.

Savor and chew each bite. Eating consciously like this will make you more in tune with your appetite. You won't overeat, and you'll enjoy your food so much more. Take your time - make fast food a thing of the past. End your meal with the perfect dessert - a bit of dark chocolate.

Break off a small piece and place it in your mouth. Let it melt slowly, enjoying the texture and savoring the taste. Then another bite. Fine dark chocolates have subtle flavors reminiscent of fruits, nuts, coffee, herbs, and much more.

Just as wine connoisseurs clean their palate before tasting wines, you can drink a little warm water to clear your tastebuds before eating chocolate. Bitter flavors will make the chocolate taste sweeter, and sweet tastes will make you insensitive to the sweetness of the chocolate, so start with a "neutral palate". Chewing and swallowing chocolate will not allow you to taste all the flavors so just allow chocolate to melt in your mouth.

You can substitute a chocolate candy made with the purest of ingredients. Additional cream, sugar, etc. is what adds the calories, if that concerns you, eat less. Eat the best chocolate available - this isn't necessarily the most expensive chocolate. Try many varieties and choose the one most delicious to YOU! Always, eat what you enjoy, and enjoy what you eat. And for me, this is chocolate!.

Learn how to make delicious chocolate desserts easily, quickly and inexpensively with these 4 Dessert Secrets that you can learn in just a few minutes.


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